IMSU SUG President: Stop Selling Free Education Forms

SUG President: Stop Selling Free Education Forms
Since the inception of the Okorocha-led administration in 2011, education from primary to secondary has been made free for students in state owned schools.

In 2013, the state government also extended the free education to state owned tertiary institutions and testimonies from beneficiaries have highlighted its importance.

However, few weeks ago, the state government directed students in all the state owned tertiary institutions to obtain a form aimed at re-validating and identifying all the students enjoying the free education.

Getting the form has been an uphill task for most students because of the situation in which you have to obtain it.
Not only is the location crowded and rowdy, there seems to be no control over students as they all try to get the form all at once which makes it harder for the staffs to distribute the form.

No thanks to the economic situation of the country, it’s no surprise that some students have taken the opportunity to be selling the forms they obtain, then they go back to get another one which they may sell and go back to get another. And so continues the circle

The SUG President of Imo State University has condemned the act which he said can drag the name of the institution to the mud and every Imo Star to stay away from such act and if caught will be made to face the law.

Here is what he posted on Whatsapp..

 NOTICE! NOTICE!! Notice!!!

This is to bring to your notice that the free education form is not for sale, therefore any student found selling the form will be handed over to the police and will surely face the law, as we cannot allow the name of our prestigious institution drown to the mud. If you notice such within your area do not fail to contact the SUG 

Comr. Iwu Franklin(CAPACITY)

So if you are engaged in the little scheme of selling the form or knows anybody that does please ask them to stop before it will be too late…

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