Trouble Looms In Imsu Senate As The SUG Director Of Welfare Was Suspended And SUG Director Of Transport Impeached

As reported by a concerned student of the Imo State University, there is actually a conspiracy going on right in Imsu involving the SUG Director of Welfare and SUG Director of Transport. And as reported the student states-

“Oh Corruption why have u so eaten up our Nigerian leaders”
was there live to witness the sitting of the SUG parliament observing
the Conspiracy by some senators on the directorates that was summoned,

When the Senator in- house committee on welfare stood up to lay various
accusations on d SUG Director of welfare COMR. PC, without hearing from
the Director the speaker(KELECHI) moved for a suspension that was
supported by his cartel in the senate house.
Comr. Avalon who
could not behold this “injustice ” walked towards the speaker asking for
an opportunity for the director of welfare to at least respond to the
allegations levied on him by his in-house senator.
All the
speaker could do was to create a scene with some senators telling people
that Avalon slapped nd threatened them before Comr.Avalon was taken
outside by the Security officials who were there nd was impeached by the
Speaker nd his cartel present in the house *in his absence*.
same speaker who collected hundred thousand naira from the Director of
socials nd shared amongst his cartel nd nobody said anything about that
nd Sunky was not summoned.
“Wonderful Corruption”
The same
speaker who conided with two failures to hijack the senate house. FX(a
graduate of Edu English) nd Owunezi( a graduate of NTD) who has
graduated 3years ago nd cannot go for service nd think of settling down
with Families like their mates, they keep roaming d school environment
looking for people to buy them drink nd food.
This two people FX
nd Owunezi who call themselves stake holders of IMSU nd has done nothing
for d school.. Keep deceiving senators to impeach some directorates who
has refused to give them money to eat like Sunky who gave them #100,000
unions money to eat.
This same so called stake holders (FX nd
Owunezi) who have tried to bring Comr.Avalon down because he has refused
to share the unions money to them by deceiving the speaker nd the
in-house senator committee on Transport Sen.Clean to look for a way to
impeach the DOT nd become the Director of Transport automatically, by
this way he can regain his money he used in contesting election which
he( Sen.Clean) lost.
Come to think of it how did Clean become a
senator after loosing in an election of which by that time the
senatorial screening has ended nd all the senators has been chosen.
*”Still the corruption we are talking about nd this is what we get when u make somebody who is not qualified a leader”.*

Arise Imo Stars and ask this question with me, *What did Comr.Avalon
do to be impeached?* And do senators now Impeach people without a
constitution nd without been tried by the judiciary??
I laught because u people are fighting with the wrong person,
Don’t fight a man God has blessed nd call his own *COMR.AVALON*.

*Comr. Avalon* a man I know nd respect so much, he has served imo stars
in different capacity even as a hostel president nd single handedly
fought against the intimidation of his hostel landlord who increased
their hostel rent promising them federal light nd wanted to deny it.
*AVALON* made it possible for the landlord to bring light to the hostel.
“Go nd ask”
*Arise Imo Stars nd let Justice take its course*
JOY OGBONNA(Faculty of Education)

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