Why Do Nigerian Girls Love Yahoo Guy? Leave Your Answers..

why Nigerian Girls Love Yahoo Boys

Here Is An Answer From A young Nigerian by name: William Wilbur. Below was his anser to the above question.


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See What William Said About It:


**In a typical society we humans stick to the gender roles that society has assigned us. Men are bread winners while women do house chores, take care of babies and generally run the house. A typical man will not carry his baby or wash plates because that’s the “work” of the wife.

A typical woman will do nothing to help the finance of the family. “Oga I wan buy”. For these women there is no career and no future without the man. They’re totally dependent on him financially.

Some girls are brought up with that harmful mentality and they take it to the extreme. They are not thought to cater for themselves and be independent financially. They finish secondary school and the next thing they’re thinking of is a man to cling to and bear her burdens. No plans of tomorrow devoid of men. I have once had a conversation with a female colleague who thinks what these scammers are doing is cool so far “the money is coming”. No conscience, no pity for the innocent people that are suffering. No empathy.

This same lady kept this kind of Amstel malt in the office refrigerator and it was stolenhat day she swore to all gods on earth to kill the “thief”.

These girls love money and they don’t care where it comes from. They don’t want to work. I have seen ladies who are keke drivers, painters, and even bricklayers.

How it comes doesn’t matter. So far they lazy about all day, gossip, paint their nails all day long, make-up every second. And drop on their backs anytime the boys want it.


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