How Long Should We Wait Before Getting Down?

Often times we meet people, but their reason for staying with us is what we really can’t tell, why some come with genuine intentions of loving us truly, some are just out to get what he or she wants and move on. Personally I don’t think one should be judged by this, our personalities differs sex can’t really tell the kinda person we are, sometimes it’s so much built emotions, we see the person and just want to tear him or her apart, it’s a normal thing, right? If we can be a little more open minded, and see things beyond our nose then we won’t take our partners for granted simply because we feel the person fell too easily. There was a case of a guy who met up with this lady, they had sex and things went south, do we really have to lead people on, have sex with them and throw them away? Don’t you think we should really look beyond that and try to see how good our partner is. What do you think of a first date sex? As much as its an overflogged issue I think we still need to look into it, guys what do you think of a lady who allows you to have sex with her on the first day of meeting, do you perceive her as the “loosed girl?” Girls can you go for this?

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