Is It Possible Bobrisky’s Bae Wants To Break-up With Him?

We are all used to having Bobrisky entertaining us with his colourful lifestyle.

In a new post it seems the Nigerian Male-Barbie has given thought to how his life would be without his “bae”

Writing on his Instagram today, Bobrisky shared some of the best memories he’s had with his bae which include sex (that thing), French kissing and, of course, money. Though his posts were light-hearted, they still reflect the model’s greatest fear: returning to his previous, dank past.

It looks like Risky just wants to be accepted, loved, and be financial secured, which is why he tenaciously markets his bleaching cream, and also sticks close to the mysterious bae who he claims funds his lifestyle… We cant really tell if there’s a bae or not since he’s not been bold enough to show him/her off.

Bobrisky’s recent Instagram posts, affirms suspicions that his life is not perfect as he paints it. And imprints a burning question in our minds: ”Can it possibly be that Risky’s bae is opting to break up with him?”

That question will be answered with time. For now, we hope Bobrisky finds his happiness.

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