Signs Of A Cheating Man

Have you ever wondered if your man is cheating on you? While there are many different reasons and root causes behind why men cheat, including a lack of self-esteem. Do good to take take note of these signs when you notice them, your man could be cheating.

His character begins to change:

Notice how he begins to change from his normal self, he changes from how he used to act when happy or sad, when he’s stressed and bored. You can no long tell his mood like you used to. And all his predictable actions change, do take note he might be seeing another woman.

He cares more about his appearance:

Since one of the major indicators of an unfaithful man is changes in his behavior, this is even more apparent when it comes to his focus on his appearance. Is your man suddenly very concerned with his looks when he previously couldn’t have cared less? Does he now buy all the good wears and cares to look extremely dashing when he wants to go out? Take note, men are allowed to look good, but your man is extremely concerned about dying and tinting his hair all the time then that’s a red flag, there’s no one out there to impress except he wants to

He acts more distant:

The moment you begin to notice your man is pulling away from you other than how you used to be, then you have to be very worried, there might be someone taking his attention. Maybe he used to give you full attention, listen to all you have to say, and give all the support you need, but all of a sudden he changes doesn’t have time anymore and seems overly busy, then you have to watch closely, something bad is happening.

He accuses you of cheating:

While it may seem surprising, a common characteristic of a cheating man is that he accuses you of cheating on him. In fact, it’s been shown that people tend to accuse their accusers of what they’re doing as a way to deflect blame and guilt. For him to always accuse you of it, there’s a high possibility he does same reason he keeps thinking you do same as well.

He picks fights:

You notice how he starts picking fights over little issues that can just be resolved without no big squabbles? Look out! Something might really be wrong. Many times when a man is cheating, he looks for ways to stir up arguments, squabbles, and disagreements with his partner, and there are many reasons behind this fight-driven phenomenon. In the first place, many men who cheat are looking for ways to distract their partner and prevent them from figuring out what’s really going on behind their backs. So by picking fights, men are able to divert their partner’s attention to other topics in order to throw them off the scent.

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