My Kidnappers Used ‘Evil Boat’ To Collect My Ransom Money — MUSICIAN

BENIN CITY—EDO State born ace musician, Mr. Osayomore Joseph, has described his one month stay in kidnappers den as very traumatic, just as his new album yesterday where he narrated his ordeal. Osayomore was kidnapped on October 4 and released on November 4 while his wife was shot during the abduction. Mr. Osayomore Joseph While disclosing that his family paid a huge sum of money for his release, he narrated how he was taken to the creeks with a speedboat.

His words: “I was dragged through the forest close to Gelegele and taken on a boat to a creek. I have never stepped my legs on a boat before. The speedboat on the high sea was enough to give me high blood pressure. “The kidnappers called themselves forest soldiers. Those who came to kidnap me did not know me. It was when I got to the creek that some learned ones started singing my old songs.

They did not know that I started fighting before they were born. “They may have overestimated me that I am very rich. They collected money from me. I may not mention the amount but it was colossal. That will not deter me from doing what I know how to do best. “I did not know I will come back alive. I later knew I will not die there when they started asking for money.

The ransom was collected on the high sea. “They called the boat that brought the ransom money freedom boat. I was on an evil boat. After they brought the bags containing huge sums of money, the kidnappers checked it and that was how I came back¨ he stated.

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