​”Political Dynasty, Not An Owelle phenomenon” Do You Agree??

Written by Dr. Ebonine Bright

Someone said Imo state under his Excellency, Gov. Rochas Okorocha is not practising Democracy, but Rochascracy, which is a government of in-laws, by in-laws and for in-laws.
The declaration made by his Excellency that “if Uche Nwosu comes out for governor, he will support him” has raised dust and suspicions and has left mass media and social media in “Brownian” mood.

My question then is this, is it wrong for a Man’s in-law to succeed him as a state governor? 

Answer: No.


Answer: because there is absolutely “Nothing” wrong with it. A man decides to support someone he believes is fit to run the affairs of his state and unfortunately the said person is his in-law.
Political dynasty is believed to have started in USA, John Quincy Adams who was a one time president of America was the son of American 2nd president John Adams.

George bush also became a president after his Father.
In Asia, political dynasty has been witnessed too
In Africa, political dynasty has been witnessed in countries like; Botswana, Kenya, DR Congo, Gabon, Malawi and Togo. 

In 2005, Faure Gnassingbe Eyadema succeeded his “Father ” as the president of Togo. So, we can see that political dynasty is not An Owelle Rochas phenomenon.


I think our interest and questions should be, is this man “Uche Nwosu” capable and reliable? 

Is he a man that will serve “pro bono publico?? Can he respect the interest of the Hoi polloi? 

If he can, which I believe he can, then all we need do is give him the support he needs regardless of “party” and “agburu”.

Do you agree with Dr Bright Eboninie??

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