President Buhari Visit Taraba, Talks Peace On The Mambilla Plateau


His Excellency President Mohammadu Buhari today Visited Taraba state, the visit was to pay condolences to those who lost their lives in the course of the unwanted crisis. The meeting took place in the Taraba state Executive council chambers Jalingo. 

 President  Mohammadu Buhari said he was in the state first to extend his condolences to those who lost their lives and properties. Buhari said he has visited Aku Uka palace severally seeking for votes and  said everyone knows he is not a money bag type so can not be dragged into things not associated with tolerance.  He pleaded with the Village heads to always talk to the people to embrace one another, he said he will be going to Zamfara, Benue, and Yobe to see for himself what has happen.  He said he has tried his best in reducing the menace of Boko Haram and will not allow any risen sect from another place. 

The President said Loyalty is a two way traffic because he can not go on blaming his juniors but has to respect them and wait for their reports and then take his decisions. He thanked the Governor for his kind of person and for his efforts in making sure peace is gotten in the state and country at at large. He said the Aku Uka is directly under the Governor and can decide to ask him for  Koboko 
His Excellency the Executive Governor of Taraba State Arc Darius Dickson Ishaku thanked the president for deeming it fit to visit Taraba not only to visit but also to share in the problems of the people. The Governor said he supervised over 80 ethnic groups and it is sometimes more difficult to bring them together but it has worked and still working.  Ishaku said he has battled the herders who are foreign militias and this has been the major problem that he needs to tackle upfront.  He told the president that the problem has never been from the local Fulani man because they’ve lived peacefully for years. He applauded the president for his personal concern on Taraba state saying the president had personally told him how dear Taraba was to the country. 

Governor Ishaku however said the Terran is tedious and this makes it difficult for the securities to get there on time when ever there is a problem and pleaded that more securities be deployed especially on the plateau. He thanked the president for kitting the military to be out there just to make sure that they sleep well. Ishaku expressed gratitude to the president for approving the Mambilla hydro Dam and said he is the most pained because the Dam shoot up was his idea and today if it fails  the benefits will elude the state.  He said since his assumption to office he has always asked for peace and he is working in making sure that there is  a lasting peace. Ishaku said the three pilot Ranches he is going to set up is a start up for the exportation of milk and beef because what he saw in France gave him insight on how to make this work. He thank the president and his entire entourage for the visit . 
Deputy Governor speaking in his welcome address said he was convinced that the president will have a memorable stay in Taraba and  said he is aware that Taraba is a major player in Agricultural Development. Manu said Taraba like other parts of Nigeria have had it own unpleasant times, however the Governor in his own proactive measures had done his best in making sure that he stops this unpleasant and unwanted recurrence of the crisis. He said the state government has explore her own ways in insuring this attacks don’t continue. Manu  told the present that he was delighted to represent the Governor in Cameron just to bring succour to the people who were displaced for reasons of the crisis. 
The Deputy Governor said he wish to affirm that the government of Taraba State is ontop gear in the welfare of the people irrespective of religion nor tribe and commended the president for bringing the Mambilla Dam into lime light. 
The Fulani Representative Alh Sale Waziri speaking said the rule of law is clear to everyone and ask that they should be equal before everyone and that is what they in Mambilla ask for, he appreciated the president for coming to their aid during this trying  time . He also appreciated the Governor saying it will be unfair to say the Governor has done nothing because he has gone as far as Cameron to provide reliefs for the displaced people. He said the rule of law has gone on a journey because some people are above the law and when  ever a crime is committed there is no arrest. He appealed to the president to help bring back the refugees who are in Cameron because rain has fast come and it will be hard on them, he thank both the president and the Governor for there efforts in making sure peace is restored Totally on the Mambilla 

The Representative of Mambilla Amb Emmanuel Njiwah said he was not happy that for the first time he is standing to speak before the president he is talking crisis and not development. Njiwah said how he wish it was a visit that would have warranted them asking for favors like others but the case is not so. He said there is no place in the whole world that they speak 100% Fulani Language is only on the Mambilla Plateau. He said is only on the Mambilla Plateau that the Fulanis are not migrants,  he said they are all settled and is unfortunate that we are sometimes carried away by what happens in other states. Njiwah said because of what we have copied from other places this has eaten us bad and commend the Governor for making sure that it doesn’t eat down the bones. He applauded the Governor for his relentless efforts in making sure that lasting peace is found on the Mambilla Plateau. 
Njiwah said there is no rule of law just as the Fulani man said because others are allowed to carry sophisticated weapons and others are not allow to do so,  he said no Mambilla man has a AK47 and he can bet it anytime. He said every crisis that starts on the Mambilla Plateau has always started by a Fulani man and not the other way round. Njiwah said the Fulanis are inpatient and that is what has always been the case and he can tell that a Farm has never move to go and disturb a cow and this can be confirmed by what happened on the 1st of this month. He pleaded with the president to please talk to the Fulanis to please always be tolerant and to stop carrying weapons openly. 
The Representative of Miyetti Allah Alh Mafindi Danburam speaking said cattle rearing in Taraba is not a news to this country because Mambilla owns about 75% cattle in the state. He said without equity and justice their will be no peace, justice he said  should be given to all and sundry, he said the attack in Lau  came as as result of intruders from Adamawa and there was no probe for a single death and so also  applied to Mambilla because they have not been any arrest.  He said Ranches has been in existence since 1960 on the Mambilla Plateau. He thank the Governor for his concern towards them and also his contributions in making sure that they are comfortable even in displacement. He said all what the Governor has done has a great significant on the peace and unity of the state. 
Speaking on behalf of the Yandang Community Dr Kobiba Yahaya Alfred said the attacks in Lau happened as a result of armed  Fulanis who came in from other areas and launched the attack. he said on the uproar, this  led to the killings of innocent lives. Kobiba said they’ve lived in peace for years and even collaborate to get rustled cows in the past, He however pleaded with Mr president to please take measures on this unwanted killings and to stop this reprisal attack so that lives can be saved. He ask that military base be mounted, Ranches be established, and the checking of AK47 should be a top priority or else  everyone will mounts  guns to protect himself (God forbid). He thank both the president and the Governor for the concern in making sure that everlasting peace comes to stay in Taraba. 
Speaking on behalf of the Chiefs Dr Shekarau Angyo Masa Ibi II Aku Uka said he is excited that the president has come to add in solutions for a lasting peace in Taraba state. Aku said he is 42 years on throne today and could remember that him and late Musa Yaradua had trekked to Gembu to install late Chief of Gashaka in state house of Assembly. Aku asked that, what has happened that there was no fear even when people were few?  He asked where has the love gone, the love of farmers and Herders, he said he knows that the  Fulanis in his place  are not troublesome but those who comes from other places causes the problem and leaves.  
Aku said you will be Surprised that all these crisis happening you will never hear of Kwara and Jigawa why? We say we emulate Sardauna but it is just in name and not deed. He said today the people has become more powerful than the Government instead of the Government been powerful than the people. He however asked that the president  should  give them the powers to start working even if it means using their weeps to lash offenders back to there senses, he said they are giving cars and  big houses but  without a job and they  need to get working . He said we are all created equal from one God and pleaded that President Buhari should give them koboko to swing into action.

Culed from AZ Dan Kabri (SA Media)

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