#BBNaija: “Housemates have sex everyday, they’ve finished 50 packs of condom” – SA Based Nigerian Man Claims.

So a South African based Nigerian has made shocking allegations about Big Brother Housemates – according to one @PRODEEGY on Twitter, BBNaija housemates engage in sexual intercourse everyday with each other.

In a series of tweets on his page, he claims that the housemates have already exhausted 50 packs of condom within the period of time they’ve been in the house.

He wrote in his tweets,

These big brother housemates f*ck themselves EVERYDAY. I have seen clips that wasn’t aired on TV. I’m not supposed to be saying this

NBC Warned Big brother not to air these sex scenes on TV. These housemate already finished 50 packs of condoms. They f*ck everyday. I’m not even talking about the couples that y’all know. Almost all of them are f*cking each other.

I saw things. I’m shooketh.

All of them they collect.

A couple even broke bed while f*cking. I won’t tell y’all the couple.

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