What’s your take on this? 

What’s your take on this new fashion,internet-flooding and fast becoming controversial system young women adopted in show casing their pregnancies and their babies on internet both stark naked? 
 Nowadays, it’s becoming virtually impossible for young women more especially celebrities to go through pregnancies or have babies without getting naked for the cameras. Its more seen apparently as a ritual. This is done to most presumably for fans, herself and more attention from the public.

     But actually, personally,I would be very okay to skip this strange celebrity ritual,this complicated stew of personal indulgence, brand tending and sociopolitical me-too-ism. 

     Of course,pregnancy and nursing a new born is beautiful, powerful and worthy of celebration. A proof that you’re womanly,you are a phenomenal. Your post natal and prenatal narcissism is inarguable and incontestable. God bless. You don’t need the attention of these public to create in you that awareness. 

      A woman who does not live her life on the public stage might hire a photographer to memorialize these special few years of baby nursing  then tuck those images into a family photo album, frame them for display at her home. But to place those photos on the cover of a major magazine or insert them into an instagram or facebook feed that reach 100 million fans especially stark naked,suggests not only that one’s nursing period is of interest to  the public but that is also meaningful in some uniquely grand and sweeping way. Most likely however it is not. 

   Celebrities and non celebrities have transformed pregnancy and child nursing into another “instagrammable” moment. One to be articulated with the help of a professional stylist, and a top notch hair wrangler. 

   Yes, our women want to feel like goddesses and elevated but this act of posting their nudes is the height of it. 

However, the pictures always appear pretty tantalizing, sexy,savouring but it’s as well noteworthy that it’s detestable and ilaudable 

    In general view, contradictory perspectives have elicited as a result of this prenatal narcissism which is rather seen as despicable and disgusting to a large number of people. And some views has motioned that this brand tending ritual should be banned and occluded.

You’re very free to share your views

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