Jss3 Student Professes Love To His Teacher, She Reacts

Apparently the children of now are growing and doing things above their age, a yet to be identified student has been trending over a love letter he wrote to his class teacher Miss Chioma.

The teacher out of surprise, has shared the letter on her Facebook page, read below:

She wrote;

“Umunnem just negodi what I saw on my table yesterday.. Umuazi kita don’t have respect bikonu.. My teaching practice story ”

Read the letter below;

Aunty Chioma,

These might sounds strange to you but I mean every word from the first time I saw you in school, it was if my brain cell stopped working.

Each time I see you it will be as if smoke is coming out of my eyes. Your beauty is killing me seriously, although am still in secondary school, I have plans on becoming a rich man.

I know you will say ama a small boy, but let me tell you when you are in love, age does not matter.

I am becoming very useless all because I keep thinking about you each time I close my eyes, I see your picture. Please consider my request and make me useful for once.

Yours in love

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