Opinion, What Is Really Wrong About Being Gay?

what is wrong abount being gay

Most times i begin to wonder why people have different opinion on this topic, one which i wouldn’t want to elude, is that of a friend who shared his life experience with me some days ago.

Nigeria and  most countries in Africa and around the world are yet to legalize same sex marriage, its still an issue we really need to pay close attention to because we still have people with different sexual orientation around us.

For a while now I’ve been suspecting a friend of mine to be gay.  Prior to my recent conversation with him i knew there was something about him that wasn’t  clear until he made a big revelation to me about his sexual life.


“I’m gay and ever since a very young age I knew something was different about me. I always found boys to be really cute and fascinating. You just don’t know at that age for sure because I didn’t even know there was a word for it. Being gay is definitely not a choice though. Science has proved that it has to do with genetics. On my mothers side I have two blood related lesbian aunts, a bisexual cousin, and a gay uncle. I respect different opinions. I just don’t want to be hated on for who I am.”



This statement has left me in a position that am yet to distinguish the diffference between right or wrong?  Whats your opinion on this statement?

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