Anambra Government Promises 2 Million Jobs Annually With Revamped Skill Acquisition

Anambra state government is set to commence rehabilitation of about sixty
skill acquisition centers spread across the 21 local government areas of
the state.
The government intent to boost the state youth entrepreneurships skill to meet
up with the nascent global demands of employment skill to accommodate
craftsmanship and encourage creativity and uneven competition among the
youths of different local government to display the skill they have comparative
advantage over others.
Speaking with journalists in Awka, the Anambra state commissioner for Youth
Empowerment and Creative Economy, Mr. Bonaventure Enemali, explaining preparation made
so far for the event to mark this Award presentation ceremony to
Philanthropists from Anambra state, who have impacted on lives, an idea borne
out of the drive to encourage the wealthy people and fashion out plans of giving
back to the society that formed them.
He disclosed that the revamping of skill acquisition centers in Anambra would
take a new drive where the ownership of the facilities would be owned by the
communities, where the operation guide of the programmes would be
supervised by the President generals of the host facility to enable it have the
expected adequate care and supervision it requires on each center to the best
use of the beneficiaries in that locality.
Enemali opined further that the idea of hosting skill acquisition programme
one or twin a year would be expunged, considering the method the ministry is
introducing to the centres for enhance entrepreneurship enterprise.
He said ‘’ what we are trying to do now is that all the communities will take
ownership of these skill acquisition centers and we are going to engage the
well-to-do individuals in each community to invest in the skill acquisition center facilities by providing the needed tools, implements, equipment and
machineries need by the facility .
‘’Taking records of skill acquisition centres now in Anambra state, most of
them are not put into use in full capacity, because, government built some
while some were built by philanthropists, some are situated in the remote
communities, where people are not aware of what is going on in each centre
and they have not developed a sustainable programme that will be run of each facility.

’Some people have really devoted their monies, sacrificed their money to meet
the interest of society. A number of youths in the society, many of them do not
have jobs; they need to be restored, they need to be given something, they need
to be re-established, by strengthening their skills, a number of them are very
intelligent, many of them are also hard working, but they neither have a
specialise skill to go into area of interest to build their career through skill
‘’From studies and researches we have carried out, we discover that a number
of skill acquisition centers have been built in Anambra state just to help the
poor, but then, those areas are not functional, maybe as a result of paucity of facility or paucity of people to handle them, they need revamping, they need
reformation’’. She advised.

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