Lets Discuss “Sex Education” For Kids, Right or Wrong?

SeX Education For Kids, Right or Wrong?

The subject of sex is a sensitive topic that many parents feel awkward to discuss with children. When anything related to sex is mentioned in the home or school, many parents and teachers are fond of ending their children’s curiosity by simply telling them they are too young to know about it.

Experts say this phobia for educating kids about sex stems from the fear that teaching it at a tender age may have some damning consequences on the kids. Many parents also think that sex, as a subject, is only meant for adults and would make kids morally corrupt.

A medical doctor, Mr. Jide Aremo, who belongs to this school of thought, noted that since sex was usually for grown-ups, educating children about the subject might have some consequences. Aremo justified his position by saying kids are usually curious about knowledge acquisition.

He said, “For me, practically (sex education for kids) is a no-no. Let me tell you why. Kids are inquisitive beings. They are always eager to try out whatever they learn.

“See the way they try to act out those cartoon characters they watch or imitate the dance steps they see. One has to be careful. Out of curiosity to learn further and know more about the tit bits given to them, they might start exploring.”

Sex education is important to kids because they are vulnerable and susceptible to sexual abuse. This is a crime that I have spent some years fighting. It is sad that children are being abused these days and the cases are becoming rampant. These abuses are not reported because children do not know it’s wrong.

A child rights advocate, Ebenezer Omejalile Said:

“I told my kid daughter to report to me if anyone touches her indiscriminately. She reported a boy who touched her buttocks to me. I went to warn the boy never to try that. If I had not educated my child that her buttocks are private to her, she may not have reported to me to take action. This is why we need to educate our children on sex and let them know that their private parts are ‘private’ and not to be touched by anybody.”

Current researches have begun to underscore the importance of sex education for kids.  Children begin to have consciousness about their body, including touching their genitals when naked.  According to research that process is a product of curiosity and not for sexual activities.SeX Education For Kids, Right or Wrong? 2

Thus, when such children ask questions about such topics, parents are advised to answer them constructively without giving too much away.

From the sables of orjisblog Media, we will like to ask; When is the best time to each a child Sex education? Do you think it is right considering our current educational dispensation?

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