IMSU Male Student Nears Collapse As He Gets Drenched By Colleagues On Birthday

IMSU Male Student Nears Collapse As He Gets Drenched By Colleagues On Birthday.

The Immediate Past President Yoruba Students Association (YOSA) IMSU, Comrade Festus Oloye has been bolted from the blue on his birthday which ordinarily would have resulted to clouds on the horizon, according to reports by  Imsu Elijah.

The incident which nearly turned soar occurred in the early hours of Sunday, July 08 in one of the residential lodges, where students in their unusual way of celebrating an individual, bursted sachets and buckets of water on him, a way of identifying that nearly lead to him loosing consciousness, if not for how strong he was, reports claim.

The large hearted comrade who recently transferred power to a new republic in YOSA doubles as a President in one of the most organized and united hostels in bishops court alliance, we investigated.

As soon as heavens opened after the wagon train, the comrade shocked at the incident, went on social media to share his experience which he couldn’t hide.

Reacting to the shilly – shally, the President, Insurance department, Popularly known as Tim Berry said it was a rain check, maintaining that bursting of water signifies that a fellow is loved by students.

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