British Woman And Daughter Detained In Dubai For Drinking Alcohol

It would be an unforgettable experience for the Dentist, Ellie Holman and her daughter, from Kent, England who were detained for three days after the woman admitted drinking a glass of alcoholic wine on Emirates Flight from London.

In Dubai, one of the seven Emirates of United Arab Emirates, it’s is illegal to drink alcohol or get intoxicated in the public.

Meanwhile, upon arrival in Dubai, an Immigration official asked Holman and her daughter to leave on the grounds that her visa was invalid, but she saw the official as being dismissive and rude to her and tried to film the encounter(which was also an offence) and when asked if she had been consuming alcohol, she admitted she had a glass of alcoholic wine on Emirates Flight.

She and her daughter were taken to jail after their passports and electronic devices were confiscated. She was also denied water while in jail and forced to clean the toilets. She also said she was told to prepare for a long stay in Dubai and a Prison sentence.

Her husband and friends who tried visiting were not allowed access to her.

It took the personal intervention of Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed for her to be released to go home after three days in jail and her flight was paid by the Dubai Government and an apology tendered on behalf of the Immigration Official,

“I can’t believe this is over; when I got the call from the Government telling me they were dropping the case, I was in shock”

The publicity about Dr. Holman’s arrest for drinking a glass of wine could have had a deterrent effect on future travellers, as Dubai is heavily dependent on Tourism.

Source : NAN

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