Fastest Way To Remain Poor In Life, A Must Read!!

how to remain poor

If you want to be poor for the rest of your life,follow the steps below… 

Those who are rich are evil. They are wicked people and are not to be trusted. Only the poor man is good. Only the poor man has morals. In fact, only the poor man will make heaven. The rich have all enjoyed here on earth. It is better that the poor man should experience his own in heaven. If you want to be considered a good man and make heaven, you need to follow these proven methods, carved out from the ancient times:

1. Hate any topic involving money:

Yes, hate it! Don’t you know money is the root of all evil? All the evil in the world is caused by money. If you see anybody trying to discuss how to become financially independent, slam that person and slam him hard. He just wants to lead people astray. He should have the modesty of not wanting more money. We know his problem. It is greed. Choose not to be greedy. 

2. Just pray for riches: Don’t work for it.

Why would you work for what God can give you? Are you not suffering yourself? Is it not a sign that you don’t believe in God? Don’t involve yourself in any productive activity; just have faith. Sit at home every night and expect God to pick up the call. 

3. Keep borrowing:

When you have the opportunity to borrow, please borrow. Forget the nonsense all those people are saying. If you need money, shouldn’t you be at liberty to borrow to keep body and soul together? Borrow for your Christmas clothes. Borrow and hold a birthday party with it. What of the one to buy that latest phone? Please borrow as much as you can. You will pay it back as soon as the money you are expecting arrives.

4. Spend all your income:

Any money that comes into your hands is for spending. Hope you remember that you will only live once? If you don’t enjoy your money, another person will enjoy it for you. Whenever any money comes your way, use it up. Buy everything that you can buy. People need to see that you look good. Buy whatever it takes to make people talk and envy you. It is your money and you can do whatsoever you want with it.

5. Gamble with your money:

It is called “soft work”. Just “invest” your money and wait for something to click and have it back. You can turn the betting shop your recreation center, nobody can drive you away from there. If your ticket “cut”, buy another one. You must shame that witch that said you will not make money this year. When you hear of a Ponzi scheme, jump on it. Hop from CCC to ZZZ to ultimate destroyer. You must make it this year by fire by thunder. Ignore that useless advice people are trying to give you. Is it their money?

6. Just focus on your job:

It is very important that you don’t lose focus. Your job is important that it requires 100% of your attention. Don’t even try to start a business of your own. The company will protect you when mass retrenchment starts. Your good works will suddenly glitter and when they see it, they will pass over. If you have an opportunity to start a business, ignore it. Tend another person’s garden that you will forget to tend your own.

7. Refuse to invest in knowledge:

When someone tells you to buy a book on business, laugh at them. They are probably children who are just blabbing. Don’t they know that your own business understanding is made from heaven? If someone tries to sell a business guide to you, scream “scam” at the top of your voice. You will show them that growing a business is not about reading but about opening “shop”.
If you tried these methods and they did not work, then try again! Remember, not everybody is destined to be rich. Some people’s destiny is in kobo.

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