Owerri Girls why?

I know you will Pondering why i decided to write about owerri girls, Just that recently the ideology and perception Nigerians  have about owerri girls i so appalling that most times as a guy you begin to wonder if you  can ever get married in owerri. The Truth is that no matter how we try to change the concept  about owerri Girls they are very loving(Winks).
7 Things   "Owerri" Girl  Expects From Her Man-Relationship Tips
It is only a good Friend  that will tell you the truth no matter  how hurting it sounds and its only an owerri girl that will tell you “Young man go and make money before i’ll listen to you”(lolz) Though Most Owerri girls have a list of goals they would like to accomplish in a relationship. 
Having realistic relationship goals is a smart thing because you know exactly what you want from the relationship. This also helps you pursue the right guy, as you’ll know if you can accomplish your goals with him.
Here are some of the most common expectations  Owerri  girls have of the guy they want to commit to.

1.  He has to make enough money.

When it comes to having a good job(really!!)  and making money, Owerri girls are quite specific. This doesn’t mean that all girls are after men who make money but to an extent However, they expect a guy to be able to sustain himself without depending on other people. Owerri Girls expects his boyfriend or man to Be Balling… Where is that Avalon ship? That Lexus? Because they strongly believe that the car or ride makes things easy, which is true to some extent. 
2. He must be expressive.
Owerri Girls love it when they are told how much they mean to another. When a guy openly expresses his feelings, they feel good and happy about themselves. Every girl wants a guy who always reminds her of how much he loves her. Spends on her and make her feel like a queen. 

3.He must always make her happy.

Movies and TV shows have presented relationships as a pleasant and happy experience with a lot of jokes being told and laughs exchanged. Owerri girls, therefore, expect their guys to be funny and jovial, if cant be funny or jovial you can at least afford taking them to Genesis(Shoprite) or Kilmanjaro to watch telemundo or televista, Lolzz  One thing about oweri girls is that each and everyone of them want to be classy and wants to be a tush Babe

4. He has to be honest.

Honesty is a trait that every girl wants in her man. Even if it’s about things that can cause disputes, Owerri girls expect their guys to be honest and open with them, as they look at dishonesty as a kind of betrayal.

 5. He has to remember important dates.

Be it the birthday, the anniversary, and other important dates, the guy has to remember them all comfortably. Every girl looks out for a guy who can remember and cherish the memories that they have made together on these special days.

6. He has to love her unconditionally.

Girls expect guys to overlook their quirks and flows and love them unconditionally. In fact, they don’t like it if guys like them for their looks or humor, or any such things. Girls appreciate it when guys like them for who they are.

MMHmmmmmmmmmm The last one very imortant!!!

7. He Must be very romantic
We all know that being perfect is an impossible thing to do. Owerri Girls want their guys to be very romantic. The want a guy who can satisfy them romantically, he must have that strength to rotate, fling, and position them which ever way they want. You Know what  i mean, bad boy!! Thats the truth though, you cant take that away.. So guys if you dont know how to  go and ask Kemen.. Lolzzzz #BBNaija
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