Brawl Between Davido And Iceprince At Warri Concert

So yesterday being April 22 a lot of things happened such as Mikel Obi’s birthday, the death of Olumide Bakare and so many other events but little did we know that somewhere in delta state Davido and Iceprince Zamani were both getting into a dispute with each other. Apparently they were both performing in an event organized by Shina Peller called “DELTA ALIVE” and when both artist arrived at Delta they were both treated differently while Davido was picked up in a G wagon, Iceprince was picked up in a saloon car. This seriously angered Iceprince so he complained to the organizers of the show and when Davido got to hear about this, he got pissed off but that wasn’t all that led to the little showdown. Iceprince also complained a second time when he was asked to perform before Lil kesh and our dear “OMOBABALOWO” decided to defend Lil kesh to the extent that he started banging on Iceprince door when they got back to the lodge and according to some fans while the two MACHO MEN  were brawling at the backstage they destroyed several equipments which they were not fined for but that doesn’t mean the organizers were happy with their behavior. Well to Uncle David and Brother Zamani there is a thousand and one ways to settle every dispute instead of combat, am sure your fans would love to hear some diss tracks instead of watching you guys Box i just hope the dispute doesn’t escalate into another DRAKE AND MEEK MILL FIGHT THOUGH.

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