In a press conference today with some imsu senators we got to hear their own side and opinions concerning the controversy going on within the Imo state university student union government. According to one of the Senators, Kamalu he states that the conspiracy going on within the SUG is
“Merely a witch hunt orchestrated to remove comrade Avalon from power”  he further stated that one of the members of the so-called cabal said to him that “Comrade Avalon was not fit to lead, therefore he must be removed by force”. From what i deduced from Senator Kamalu’s statements the conspiracy is more a less an illegal propaganda created to ruin the reputation of some SUG officials.

Senator Kamalu-” The impeachment of comrade Avalon was not according to the provisions of the constitution because the vote to move for the impeach did not reach 2/3 of the majority of the parliament therefore he is not guilty of any of the allegations placed on him until the court says otherwise and since they have not comrade Avalon to me is still the Director of transport”
he futher stated that ” the parliament is performing a woeful job based on this issue”
and he strongly believes that the motion for comrades Avalon impeachment should be reversed.

Watch a Video below..


Download the clip Above here DOWNLOAD VIDEO OF SEN. KAMALU HERE

I strongly feel that this is just the beginning and more controversies are going to be unveiled very soon so keep on reading for more exclusive news.


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