Lady G who recently dropped her new hit track featuring African music legend “2 Baba” titled “Big Masquerade”.  Decides to give away amazing gifts to  her fans this Xmas by bring up a new comic contest with the trend 

“This Rubbish Must Stop This Year”

 How to contest

Drop ur funny quote with ur full name , phone number and the  caption  “This Rubbish Must Stop This Year” just like the one below.

Honestly, I rejected 20 million Naira today because it was given to me with left hand, u know I don’t tolerate Rubbish…  & I said to him:

  Plz plz Emeka “this rubbish must stop this year”     – Lady G.         

All quotes must be dropped in the comment section below. After 48 hours 10 most funniest comments will be nominated for an online vote, where nominees will be voted for.

Amazing prices shall be given to the top 3 winners…

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55 thoughts on ““This Rubbish Must Stop This Year ” Promo By Lady G. Drop Yours Here And Win Amazing Prices.”
  1. baby send me recharge card where I am now I can’t buy airtime. please this Nonsense must stop this year


  2. Bae , am not in the mood to cook now but we can still go to an eatery or fast food

    This rubbish must stop this year

  3. Baby come and sleep over in my house, I promise that I won’t touch you.
    This rubbish must stop this year


  4. This Nonsense of Baby am having headache please can you send me reacharge card..

    Please, Cindy this rubbish must stop this year


  5. The Act Of Saying Baby Please Manage This For Tfare I Don’t Have Much Cash On Me But Send Me Your Account Number I Will Transfer Some Money To You Before Day Break. Pls Pls Pls, “This Non-sense Must Stop This Year”

  6. baby did you cum inside me?
    This silly question must stop this 2017.you think it’s easy to jump out from a moving vehicle??? .
    finian “iamfynoklassik”

  7. After asking a girl out and she replied
    “I will think about it”
    Sister that nonsense must stop this year.

  8. I called my girlfriend and told her that she should send me airtime that it’s raining over here I can’t go out to buy it and she said I should Dial *894*amount#.this rubbish most stop this year. 09024321858.

  9. All dos girls dat used to call me Boo, swtheart,Bby and sugar..
    buh don’t feel anything for me..pls all those nonsense should stop in 2017 oh๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  10. I wish I met u b4 I married my wife.. Baby u know i just love u,not because of ur money.This nonsense
    should stop this YEAR 2017.

  11. All this birthday wishes about More money to ur
    bank account without donation… Please let this Nonsense stop this year. 07037762570

  12. Listen young men….that silly act of asking a lady if she
    has eaten, when she says no, you ask her why, when she
    tells you she is broke,you reply her with God will provide must end this year oh! 07037762570

  13. I love u with all my hrt, if u leave me I will die!!! My sister this lie should better stop this 2017. 07037762570

  14. Please the idea of saying “More money to your Bank account” without contributing any must stop this year look

  15. I have taken you as my brother. Pls that nonsense statement should end this year. I know my family members. 07037762570

  16. Did you cum inside me? Pls that silly question should end this year. You think it’s easy to jump out of a moving vehicle? 07037762570

  17. Telling your man “harder harder” should stop too. He’s a human and not a monde hammer รญย ยฝรญยดยจ 07037762570

  18. Everyday you are on your period, are you the woman with issue of blood? Pls this Nonsense should stop this year. 07037762570 .

  19. All dose girls Dat will use emoji to cover Dere armpit, pls let Dat nonsense stop this 2017, sissy try ND buy shavin stick๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  20. I have taken you as my brother “. That stupid statement should end in 2017… Am not your brother, I know my family members.

  21. This issue of Rochas akpuola gi, my status will be unveiled next year April and commissioner of this and that, My brother my sister let that rubbish end this year. 07068816145


    You see this act of calling me on video call every time even without knowing my means of subscription.. It must end this year!!!

  23. Guys ,calling a lady often through video call,without
    considering how she managed to subscribe MUST STOP this year. 07037762570

  24. that’s how I will be loving my boyfriend jejely ,then one girl from no where will come n be calling him bestie up and down……..pls o this nonsense must stop this year
    – Connie barbie Zz

  25. After eating barbecue fish #4000……Andrea # 7000…….Sharwama #800……Suya #1500……@ Carlifornia spot……it is now time for me to chop my own u telling me baby am weak……..Biko! Biko! Biko! Michelle khor owu Michy achum ima ‘this nonsense must stop this year’ in short ryt naw!
    -pinky flakes

  26. All these updates with #ThisThingMustStopIn2017 must stop this year
    Biko keduzie nke bu nkea?

    Kingsley cece madu

  27. I promise you, I will put only the head, the body won’t enter . That rubbish should end this 2017.

  28. Pillow fight with your boo should pls stop in
    2017…… In 2018, we are using iron Chair.. Thankio 07037762570

  29. The issue of I am feeling sick with Arinze Ezeahurukwe and 21other and I am in my house come and beat me….please please please that rubbish must stop this year

  30. I Just went to Price a Privet Jet and i was chased out by the seller is it because i went to price the Jet with N1500? “That Rubish Must End This Year”.


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