“MC Yellowmouth Has Failed Imo State Based Artiste” – DJ Pakky (Video OrjisblogTV)

OrjisblogTV Media Team was able to meet up with DJ-Paky today to get the full gist concerning the on going controversy between DJ-PAKY and Ay’s management. 

According to Dj-paky he was side lined and made to feel mediocre by Ay’s brother after giving a shut down performance during the recent Aylive show held in Owerri.

Dj-paky made us understand that no appreciation was shown to any of the owerri based entertainer who performed at the show in his words he said 

” we were called upcoming and made to feel less important after performing our heart-out in the Aylive show and actually helping to promote the show”.

The LagaLaga CEO expressed his disdain and anger concerning the treatment given to every owerri entertainer who performed at the show, he made clear though that no contract was signed between him and Ay’s management but he never thought he was running a charity show [in context] and he further stated that their representive 

Mc Yellowmouth who was meant to fight for the interest of all owerri based performer did nothing but show indifference towards this issue, which makes us to wonder was Dj-paky betrayed or is there more to this story…..


–  See what he had to say when asked if he would still do business with AY in the future if this rift is settled

– Calls out IMO state entertainer “MC Yellowmouth” stating reasons…

– See what he had to say about Ay’s brother “Lanre Markun”

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