See What FDP Guber Flag Bearer, Mazi Excel Nwaneri Had To Say About Imo State Autocratic System Of Governance

See What FDP Guber Flag Bearer, Mazi Excel Nwaneri Had To Say About Imo State Autocratic System Of Governance

During an interactive session with Mazi Excel Nwaneri the Fresh Democratic Party (FDP) gubernatorial flag bearer, he disclosed about governance in Imo state and why we should vote for him as the next Governor of Imo state.

He disclosed to Orjisblog Mediaa when asked:

For the past Eight (8) years, Imo has witnessed an autocratic system of Government, what should we expect from your administration if elected?

“You see the beauty of Democracy, is respect for rule of Law. The only difference between the military administration and the democratic system of Government is respect for rule of Law and due process. In the military system of Government, you can’t go to the court. There are things you can’t think of doing. Because you will be messed up, you will be killed the next minute. But the beauty, if we say we are practicing democracy, and we have may be making a mistake.

Drifting back to the military system of Government but I can assure Ndi- Imo that due process will be our watch word that rule of Law will be respected 100% staidly adhered to.

I have said it in different forms that my administration is the only administration that would have the clergy among it. Now when I mean the clergy, I mean every denomination will be represented eg the Catholic Church will be represented, the Anglican Church will be represented, the Pentecostal fellowship of Nigeria will be represented, the Disable will be represented in the Executive cabinet, the head of market would be in the cabinet the Teachers will be represented, so if n issue comes up In an Executive meeting, you can say

“Sir I think this is this the best way. The reason for which we have an adviser is to listen to advises that come from them needless hiring someone and giving them portfolio of special adviser or whatever if you cannot take their opinions, their opinions don’t matter.

So I think in my administrations we are going to be putting the best foot forward and having respect for rule of Law and insuring that we will take Imo to me next level. It’s going to be an all encompassive Government and holistic system of Government. Where everyone will be carried along and where everyone will have a say in the Government. Thank you “

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