The Odds: ” The Pretty Or The Ugly Girls” – Orjisblog

The Odds: ” The Pretty Or The Ugly Girls” – Orjisblog

During my school days we always wanted a girlfriend who is pretty, fair and sexually attracted so you can show off to friends. Most times you might be dating a fine girl who to some point isn’t really what you re looking for in terms of qualities but for the fact that she is pretty covers all other odds.

But now we re done with school, what’s next?? We want a future, we need to change that mind set, we need a real “Best friend” not a decorator. The mindset need to change!! We need to make money, we need to have a family, we need to be able to take care of our families, pay house rent, have an investment for the future, and to some point help the needy at a given point in time.

As a young man with dreams, make money first! And you need a woman In your life?? Go for someone who would bring out the best in you, a girl who isn’t just there for the name. Someone who you can support your dreams and you support hers too.

Most times the girls you feel re ugly end up being the cool headed ones who truly loves and care about you. How will you know when you’ve not given them the chance to, think about this. At this point in your life you should go for the character and not the beauty.
Think about it!!

(NB. The picture attached to this post has nothing to do with my write up and in no way has no negative meaning to this post. Parental guidance needed)

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