The Enugu State Government Getting Better Daily, A System Other States Need To Emulate

The Enugu State Government Getting Better Daily, A System Other States Need To Emulate

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The level of development in Enugu state in past 10 years is something you and i would believe to be a strong massage to other states. Aside Ebony and Anambra state which has also taken up to their shoulders infrastructural development In the past 5 years or so, Enugu seems to be on a rapid growth on daily base..

The quality of infrastructural development going on in the metropolis and other rural communities of the state has improved drastically, more roads being constructed, civil service also gets attention from the state government too.

For the past 2 years I’ve not visited Enugu due to some personal reasons and during the festive period I decided to visit and also see how things have been for sometime now. I must confess “Enugu really changed” what got my attention the most in Enugu is the level of orderliness amongst road transport users.

They seem to be a well controlled traffic system along all the major and minor roads in the metropolis. The Enugu state ministry of transport ( MOT ) sanctioned all road users by having a strong task force system that deals with all defaulters who fail to obey the road traffic. They seem to have created jobs through this system too

The level of serenity in the state is something to write home about. The Enugu state waste management authority ( ESWAMA) has played a very vital and important role in achieving this result.

This is a type of system other states need to adopt, am yet to talk about the educational system of the state and the health sector as well. I promise to write more about it in my article “Infrastructural development In Enugu state, the way forward??”

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