Imo Entertainment: All You Need To Know About “MC CKC De Comedian ” A Talent Yet Untapped

Imo Entertainment: All You Need To Know About “MC CKC De Comedian ” A Talent Yet Untapped

Imo State Mc comedian Chukwuebuka Kingsley Chidi popularly known as Mc Ckc D Comedian is so far another talent yet untapped. CKC hails from Isiala mbano LGA of Imo state, grew up in Lagos and at a tender age decided to pursue his talent as a comedian and MC.

I’ve been opportune to listen and watch him perform at so many shows in owerri and I’ve also been following him on social media for a while too. He is a promising talent that will take this industry to another level with his desire to excel in his field. His passion drive has actually been the key point to note about this younger talent and if given the opportunity, will make the most out of it.

Why He Is Among The “Best” Comedian.

I know that might sound obvious but the hardest part of being a comedian is being able to write jokes, being relatable to people who don’t know you and somehow making them laugh. Now, not everyone finds everything funny. But in general, “funny is funny” and people by nature find “funny” very relatable. My point is that the way to get genuine laughs is to think about the real, everyday things that happen in your life that make you laugh and start from there, which this talented comedian has always done during his performances.

Most times when I watch his comedy skits, I get the massage more thrilling and i also look at what he is trying to portray, I see a bigger picture. He is talented and we need to support and key into his vision to strengthen the industry. I’ll recommend him because he has also been among the consistent comedians who always try to improve on daily basis.

In one word tell us what you think about him and why you like listening or watch him perform. Leave comments below..

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