Relationship Tips | “How Bad Smell & Body Odour Get Me Turned Off Easily” – Orji

Relationship Tips | “How Bad Smell & Body Odour Get Me Turned Off Easily” – Orji

Nothing will make your partner run for the hills faster than really bad body odor or bad breath. People have bad breath without knowing while some have bad breath and don’t know what to do about the offensive odour oozing out of their mouth while a few others don’t even care that their breath is far from fresh.

Imagine dim mood lights, good musical background and getting out of the shower and your skin feeling silky and smooth to touch. Your partner has been waiting for you on the bed, but having just arrived from work, they didn’t have the time to freshen up. They just wanted to get right in the middle of action.

Then, you move close enough that you can start smelling something awfully bad. You try to ignore it, yes, focus on feeling aroused. But your olfactory sense keeps insisting on leading you towards that awful smell. Ewww, right?

No matter how much you pretend to love someone or actually do love someone, such love won’t withstand the ooze of a body odour or bad breath. A bad breath is terrible, and no one would be comfortable in that situation, especially when you know you have to deal with that bad breath every day of your life.

What Do I Advice?

Personal hygiene is a must for everyone; it’s everyone’s duty to take care of one’s self and when that doesn’t happen, it can lead to a breakdown in a relationship. It’s important for one to check one’s self and if there is need for improvement, let it be done. Your body is your own, take care of it.

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