“Why You Should Always Follow Your Heart” – Orji

“Why You Should Always Follow Your Heart” – Orji

Life is short and you shouldn’t waste your precious time doing something that your heart truly does not desire. This can be applied to any situation — a job, a relationship, a degree, or wherever you are in life in general. Some people just do what they are told and whatever it takes to get by, but that is not how you should live your life. Everyone deserves to be happy and live their life to the fullest and I believe that by following your heart you will get that.

Here’s the thing — your head and your heart are almost always going to be going back and forth with each other if you are in a situation that you are not 100 percent sure about. For example, say you jump into a relationship with someone too soon after a break-up just to keep your mind away from the person that you just lost — your mind and your heart are going to be in a constant debate. Why? Your head is going to try to talk you into all the reasons why you should stay. Your heart is always going to fight for what you really want, though. Say you just took a job that you didn’t really want but they were going to pay you better. If you aren’t really happy there and you aren’t doing it for the right reasons, then you will spend your days in a constant internal battle. This goes for anything.

“Why You Should Always Follow Your Heart” – Orji

If your heart isn’t in something, don’t do it. It’s going to be hard, because if you are like me then you hate giving up and letting people down. But I can promise you that those around you would rather you be invested in something that you can give your all to than to something you aren’t totally sold on.

You should always follow your heart because it will take you places you never thought possible. Your heart will always chase after your dreams, and whether things work out in the end or not, you got to experience the feeling of following your heart. Your heart will make you happier than anything ever can. It is your source of joy and love, the center of your desires.

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