Relationship/Marriage A Functional Empowering Programme For Nigerian Women By Harriet Ijeomah

Relationship/Marriage A Functional Empowering Programme For Nigerian Women By Harriet Ijeomah

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” On a visit to my school last two weeks, one of my school mates called me out and was anxious to know when I will be saying “I Do” and she clearly stated that she is interested in being among my “bridal train”. She said it without mincing words. I was perplexed that I asked myself; “Who told Nigerians that after school, the next stage of a woman’s life is Marriage?”

How do I explain to these people that apart from Marriage I have other things to achieve. Since I graduated, my family members especially my mom have never stopped reminding me that I am due for marriage. When I talk about going for my Masters degree, she says; God forbid not in my house. “If you continue in your husband’s house is not a bad Idea”.

The Pressure to get Married is high. Most ladies feel that immediately they are married all their financial problems are solved. No wonder all the Churches in Nigeria are flooded with women with just one prayer point “Marriage”. If the intense desire and efforts of some woman to get married are applied in their various career, it will be dope.

Should I blame the society for this? Society sees a woman without a Man as Arrogant, bittered, proud, cursed and Evil. No wonder many women die of Domestic violence because they want to stay in Marriage even to their own disadvantage.

Once upon a time, I came across a post on Facebook stating that Marriage is a Woman’s Achievement. Am not surprised, A woman can go to an extend to keep her Marriage just like a man could do to his business.

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Majority of ladies believe that the moment they are married their financial problems are taking care of, this is why they are not bothered to put effort in business or pursuing their careers. They so much believe in the phenomenon of warming the man’s bed and filling his stomach instead of working hard to fulfil their purpose in life and add value to the society.

Dear Nigerian ladies, Relationship/ marriage is not a poverty alleviation center or Women empowerment scheme. Marriage does not remove social and economic obligation.
Think more on how to contribute and help the family and society.


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