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Behold The CEO Henroll Concept Owerri , A Green Keeper Of Moments | Orjisblog

At an early age, he had loved creativity and some how wished that the moments can be preserved for some reasons, especially that it might be needed in the future. As he grew, the desire to make people’s events colourful by reminding them of the moments they could not replace nor relive but can only recall, birthed the Henroll Image Concepts

Born in the early ’90’s to the reputable family of Mr and Mrs Uche in lagos, Nigeria. He found himself the first born child of the home having seven other children toddle his back. Uche Obinna Temple Henry had a very lovely childhood that made him question if there was a way to capture those moments and have reviewed in the future. This medium was one possible way too for him to make his dream come dream true and also contribute a quota to the world.

Being endeared and inquisitive about his vision, he made efforts and took up photography as a skill he needs to acquire and to fuel his passion for creativity, he combined it with cinematography.

Not neglecting his education, henry was able to combine effectively his studies and his skill. In the year, 2017,he graduated from Imo state university where he studied food and science technology. As heavens would have it, in September 2017, given to a fierce loyal combination of both passion and the need to be self sufficient, he established the Henroll Image Concepts. His services included; photo shooting, event planning, fashion and styles,shooting and editing(cinematography), branding, digital marketing and printing, provision of models,e.t.c

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It might interest you to know that this organisation has in a way contributed to the nation’s development.Despite, its young age, Henroll Image concepts has four young men and four women working under his payroll and ten contract staff. he also has a couple of young people who are diligently acquiring the skill under his supervision. That, has in much ways reduced the state of unemployment in the world around him and has strengthened the need for not just education but vocational skills too. And his progress so far, is quite terrific!

In the nearest future, we would be looking forward to something bigger from the Henroll Image Concept. Given the recent trends in the media and creativity world, I guess there would be a “H station”(a radio and television station) by God’s infinite mercy.

Go ahead and capture those moments of yours,at Henroll Image Concept; Flat B13 RichyGold plaza opposite Vondabaic Academy, Ikenegbu layout, Owerri, Imo state, Nigeria. Henroll Image concept.

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