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Sing Along!! Sipo – Thoughts (Lyrics)

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Sipo – Thoughts (Lyrics)

Lyrics Of Sipo’s Thoughts!!

Hate me or love me I just pray🙏 we make it
Pull your mama outta d ghetto then give her a car key🔑
She’s been in the kitchen cooking for you fake niggas
In the kitchen in the kitchen Axixx keeps hooking
We wanna make money💰all they do is keep snitching
Everyday is a new chance🎰 never change your game
We smoking🌬️ shit on a daily ain’t talking no cocaine
All this niggas sold their soul🖤 just for the Fame

My daughter👧 gone cry if I do the same
They took my nigga,killed my nigga who gon blame
Just her smile and the money gon make me smile
Try on a daily everyday to keep it real💯
I love this game so much i cherish Ama kill
The dream but k anyi nata back n hood anyi with a Benz🚘
Your homies go dey flex,your mommy now go dey rest
Like the pizza boy🍕 I cross my heart nga e deliver
I no fit cut mind ,I no fit cut liver

As long as you dey grind you go make am Isha Allah🙏
Pray my enemies no go die k nwe Ike Fu the table the Lord g e present enjoyment adigokwa stable 🥂
Long life adiro promised,leave above comfortable
I Know where I’m going but I no fit treck🚶 reach there
Call it daycare but I know they don’t even care
I love my baby mama👩‍👧 but that girl keep fucking me up
My mama love my Dad but that nigga never showed up😟

I might be free but it feels like am locked up
I never forget those who made me sad when I was happy,those who  jubilate🎉  with me when I was lucky
Some be hating on me they said I’m a jonky
Ain’t gat no money nigga that’s why I’ve been on a low key 
I wish I could spend money on the street fuck the gold bottles🍾
Fuck the niggas who be hating and their role models

HOOK : In nomine patris et filii et spiritus sancti🙏

money on my mind🧠 now I can’t even think
Oburu n m enwego ego now Cuban on my neck
Everything original we no go fake
You looking for the real shit here come and take
I learn to work smart not hard
You better trust nobody while heading for the bag 🎒
Too many betrayal Where’s the love from the Gang
They only smile when they see you coming from the bank 🏦
This is still me I never change

Imagine giwa n ime G-guard muwa n Range
I’m getting down Nigga check my milage
I need the crown🤴 now check my linage
Education buru the key that means I lost mine
Mana oburo ya so yeah nigga  I got mine
When you called I can’t pick I dey cloud 9
Weed women and a glass of wine🍷

Never let them young niggas take your mind
Real niggas dikwa rare muwa bu one of a kind
Ego ji olu na why we niggas still dey grind 💻
Talk about money imara n m dirokwa blind
Revelation far I just dey come from Genesis
Everything you do come back to you that’s Nemesis
It’s SIPO stop thinking who be doing this
I wish my Dad🧔 is here so he could feel this
This is rap I know the whole street will like this
I do this for my fans and y’all repping southeast

I go by the name S.I.P.O
It’s GNG golden niggaz gang and that’s how we roll
I’m gon rep till the day i D.I.E

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