Obele Jesus Is Building An Empire Watch Out!!

Obele Jesus Is Building An Empire Watch Out!!

One of the fastest way to build a formidable brand is by having a strong team that keys into the vision of the proprietor, stand firm in all situation and endure what the storm has in stock. Chibuzo Okorie who is better known as “Obele Jesus” has been able to achieve that in a way.

From the pictures below, you could see a live band team that has been together for over 10 to 15 years, building a brand with Obele and achieving results in the midst of all circumstances. One thing most of our youths fail to do is starting little to achieve great result and trust me a great result lies ahead when you learn and keep up with the pace for a better tomorrow.

Kudos to these guys, working with Obele Jesus, they re the main reason behind the name and the main originators behind the day to to day activity of this brand. You too can be a part of greatness if you key into a great vision. Trust me most of us were created to actualise dreams, while others were created to rule and others created to serve. What matters is the joy you derive in serving humanity!

Obele Jesus Is Building An Empire Watch Out!!

See the vision through his eyes!!


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