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“No More Unwanted Managers And Middlemen” – Honourable Chimdi

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“No More Unwanted Managers And Middlemen” – Honourable Chimdi

Talented Imo gospel songstar, Honourable Chimdi fights against unwanted managers and middle men who peddle that status and have personal business’ with clients without proper notification. He made a post on page saying;

“The attention of The Honourable House has been brought to the mischievous activities of some unscrupulous elements who pose as “managers” and “middlemen” of Honourable CHIMDI.

These miscreants have gone as far as negotiating with gullible event planners without his knowledge, thus tarnishing the integrity of the person of Honourable CHIMDI when he fails to show up at the programme.

Inasmuch as we diligently mind our business and are committed to the Kingdom project, we would want to keep our records straight with all sheets clean.

Any organization or body that would love to access Honourable CHIMDI can contact his management line; +2348064833032 OR send a mail to
Beware of scammers.”

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