Slay Queen Blasts Man Who Sent Her N10k – Screenshots

Slay Queen Blasts Man Who Sent Her N10k – Screenshots

“Her name is Uche Nilla Amaechi a typical Nigeria slay queen with empty pocket, she was given the sum of 10k by my friend here Mr ID Ok**** who gave money to some persons

Instead of this idi*t to appreciate the 10k, she went to his inbox and start insulting him because according to the fool, it was an insult on her part for him to have given her 10k, she went further to ask if the 10k is for maggi or what. Chai, can you beat that

The same lady who begged for money is now insulting the same man who helped her, See attachment and read the insult from the idi*t

God will punish this girl, she does not deserve any help from anyone, please look at her very well, no one should help or pity her

I hate nonsense”

—–Culled from Gwen Divy Ifeson

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