‘I Studied Feminism In The University And I Love Big D**ks” – Owerri Lady Says

‘I Studied Feminism In The University And I Love Big D**ks” – Owerri Lady Says

In a post made on social media with the caption “…Feminists And There Useless Posts” by Jude Bonnison, drew the attention of a young lady by name Precious. She dropped a comment explaining her views on the whole feminism theory.

Below was a comment she made, Read below..

“I am a Nigerian and a feminist, my quotes are not useless,I practice feminism the right way,that is why I work so hard without looking out for a man to provide my needs
And I love and respect my man bcos I love D***🙄

Well,its primitivity that has captured most of our Nigerian women that’s why they practice feminism the wrong way. They have zero knowledge and research on what they claim they are

Some of our men too need to also understand what this feminism is all about bcos they also lack the knowledge

I studied feminism as a course in the university and I can say much about it. But most of our Nigerians have no idea what it is,they go about doing things the wrong way

Well🤔 Feminism get radical one Sha🤷Just like Simone De beauvior. Who was a radical and confused feminist. I have lots of male friends and mentors who are feminist and advocate for it

Pls Nigerians 🙏🙏Try and read and know more, don’t base ur argument on per hear or per say,read books,make research and you will not only grow but will grow and discover the deep things in life”

The question now is who is a feminist? What is there aim? Is the word feminist being abused??
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