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Orjisblog: When Is The Right Time For A Girl To Get Married??

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Orjisblog: When Is The Right Time For A Girl To Get Married??

What!!! Marriage! Marriage! Marriage! Can’t I have peace of mind again, every day this marriage topic, marriage isn’t the ultimate, am tired, am tired of you mum, same with you Dad, am tired of everyone, besides being only 23

Yes, that was me shouting at my parents, I just couldn’t bear it anymore, I was sick and tired of their constant disturbance about me getting married.

Look, Kimberly, you have to get married, whether you like it or not, your elder sister got married at 20, look at you, you’re 23…

“Yes, I am 23 that’s the main reason why you guys should stop pestering me about marriage”… I said without letting my mum finish her statement

“What!!! Mum shouted. Your sister is married to a very rich man, why Can’t you do the same” mum said

“Rich man indeed, I replied in a mocking tone, But wait let me ask you, Is Dawn happy in her marriage, the answer is NO, she isn’t happy and you guys want to push me into the same mess Cause of your love for material things, I Kimberly is certainly a wrong candidate” I said and walked out of my parents

“You either get married to that rich suitor we found for you or you leave my house”, my father shouted to my hearing

I didn’t care, I was determined to leave the house. I was tired of my parents pestering me about marriage when I came home with Maxwell, my parents embarrassed him Cause he wasn’t rich. Maxwell is the right man for me, I don’t care about what my parents will say if I get married to him. We love each other But my parents were the stumbling block. I want to marry for love But my parents are after material things

How can the be so CRUEL and BLIND, who will help them realize that money isn’t everything? But I have made my choice Maxwell or NO MARRIAGE

Author: Rae Chukwu N/B: #Fiction
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