“Paul Pogba And Bruno Partnership Might Hit The Rock Soon” – Nze Duru Kizito

“I don’t buy into the excitement of most fans of Manchester United of Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernández partnership in the team’s midfield. I strongly believe that such excitement would be hit with a disappointment very soon.

Granted that both players are gifted and talented but can both make good partners? No.

Bruno and Pogba play in the same position. That is, behind a striker. The number 10 role. The danger in having the two stars in the midfield is that the defensive midfielder (Matic) would be exposed to arrays of attacks from the opposition without anyone to close down on them. Bruno and particularly Pogba offer little defensively.

When one considers the snail pace of Maquire, Lindelof and Shaw at the club’s backline, it becomes suicidal to start with two attacking midfield players in the team.

The only manager that can do that and get positive results is at the other side of Manchester. He is the only manger with the tactical nous to play win De Bruyne, David Silva and Gundogan and still win games.

Ole, I’m afraid, would fail if he attempt to copy the Spain born magician.” – Nze Duru Kizito

Football lovers and Manchester united fans what do you think about this??

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