Is Popular Entertainer, Mc kfresh Really Living up to his Name? – is he Fresh as his stage name implies?


Kelechukwu Chidiebere Chiwuzie Anurigwo popularly known as “Mc Kfresh” hails from Mbaitolu, Imo state. He is a graduate of Petroleum engineering, FUTO, and also the CEO of Kfresh Entertainment world/ compere.

Mc Kfresh who is a major player in the creative industry, loves singing and making people happy, has dedicated his life to making people’s events memorable, making there day colorful and giving them the exact picture anyone out there will dream of.

His attitude and enthusiasm towards personal growth has earned him a top badge in the Imo creative industry and beyond. Its no doubt with his level of exposure far and wide, will serve as a huge boast in taking his craft to the next level.

Everybody loves a memorable event, especially if it pertains to the lifestyle and appeal of your client. This is something Kfresh Entertainment World does quite well. For your event planning and management, you can contact him via his Facebook page Mc Kfresh Instagram@Official Mc Kfresh…

Below are some Jaw dropping Pictures of Mc Kfresh, it’s Now left to our Viewers to decide if He is Really Living up to his name or not. But in my view I would Say Mc Kfresh is Really Looking Fresh.



keep soaring higher MC Kfresh!!
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