The Young Makeup Artist Who Died On Her Birthday Wasn’t Poisoned, See What Killed Her

Family of The Young makeup Artist Deborah Tushima Refutes Rumors about Her death – See Details below

Young makeup artist, Deborah Tushima who allegedly slumped and died last Saturday, July 4th during her birthday celebration, didn’t die of poisoning as was widely reported online.

Her family member has refuted the reports that Deborah died due to poisoning from one of her friends. Deborah became the number one trending topic on Twitter as people have been stunned over her sudden and tragic death on her birthday.


According to screenshots of a conversation shared by a family friend, a family member revealed that Deborah simply slumped and was not poisoned.

The family member shared that Deborah started “fainting” recently and the one that happened at her birthday party and ultimately led to her death was the fourth time she fainted.




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