Imo State Is Not The Problem, You’re The Real Problem. Do You Know Why??

Because you’ve clouded your mind with negative thoughts of what people say, what they may say and what they’ve said about it. Irrespective of how you feel your location hinders you from excelling in what you do, ask yourself how did Billionaire Prince White scale through??

I was at the main Onitsha main market not long ago. Just like how busy the environment is, with lots of business activities going on and the fast movement of cars and luxurious buses. It still didn’t stop me from hearing Prince White’s famous slogan “You Get The Point Now” being played by a compact disc seller in a nearby shop.

It caught my attention and behold I could see people laughing and watching the comedians video. Today he is a big name in the Nigerian creative industry who started in Owerri. His consistency, creativity and insight of how his future should be has paved way for him.

Why can’t you focus on building your self, your brand and an amazing content the world can buy. Your location is never the problem, get rid of that mindset and see how fast you’ll excel!!

Owerri is never the problem, you’re the real problem!!!

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