#Endsars: Comedian Mr Macaroni, Spends The Night At The Protest Ground – Photos

A Time For The Youths Of This Country To Rise And Secure What Is Left For Our Future!!

“We spent the night in front of the Lagos House to pass across a Loud message! We are still here!!! Please join us now!! The message is loud and clear; We are Tired!!!!

Now is the time for the Youths of this Nation to rise and secure whatever is left of our future!! Or else there will be nothing left for us and our unborn children!!! We cannot continue to hope and pray for things to become better.

We must stand up and claim our future! If we do not, the suffering, brutality and deaths have only just started!!! E go red!!! Wake Up my brothers and Sisters!!!” By Mr Macaroni

#EndSARS #endpoliceterrorism #endpolicebrutality #orjisblogmedia #orjisblog

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