Behold The Man The World Wish To Have As A Leader – Paulcy Nnamdi Iwuala

Behold The Man The World Wish To Have As A Leader – Paulcy Nnamdi Iwuala | Orjisblog

Paulcy Nnamdi Iwuala is a Pan-Africanist, radical humanitarian, activist, and entrepreneur. He is the Founder of the Non-Governmental Organization, the Genius Eyes International Foundation for the Hopeless, and the Founding Editor of the Living Tribute Magazine.

He is critical observer and public analyst who has channeled his God-given gifts towards giving meaning to the lives of the broken-hearted and the helpless.

For the past fifteen years, his foundation has focused on saving lives across Africa by means of providing healthcare services, feeding the streets and funding the education of less-privileged children.

As a patriotic national, conscious of the troubles with Nigeria, he has never stopped offering possible solutions to the many challenges facing the country, and giving his personal thoughts on issues and people who can help to accomplish the many dreams of Nigeria.

Below are photos of his outreaches and campaigns to sustain and help individuals who are voiceless. He gave them hope to live again. Through his genus eye foundation, Paulcy has done what most of our leaders haven’t done. This is the leader the world craves for.

God bless you Paulcy Nnamdi Iwuala!!

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