A Must Read story For Everyone talking About Grace

A Must Read story For Everyone talking About Grace

During the Second World War, a soldier obtained leave allowing him to return to his home.

As soon as he reached the street near his house, he saw a parked military truck loaded with corpses and knew that the enemy had bombed his city.

The truck was carrying dozens of dead bodies and was preparing to transport them to a mass grave.

The soldier stood in front of the piled-up corpses to take a last look at them and noticed that a shoe on a woman’s foot looked like a shoe he had previously bought for his wife.

He ran to his house in a hurry to check on her but didn’t find her. He quickly retreated and went back to the truck again to check the body and found his wife.

He was left shocked. He said, “I’ll not want my wife buried in a mass grave”.

So he asked her body be pulled from the truck in preparation for a proper burial.

During the transfer, it was found that she was still breathing slowly but with difficulty. He carried her to the hospital where the necessary first aid was given to her and she came back to life again.

Years after that incident and at the end of the war, his wife who was almost buried alive became pregnant and gave birth to a boy named Vladimir Putin.

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